5 Reasons to Carry a Pocket Knife

There are tons of reasons to carry a pocket knife.  I get it, women don’t usually carry pocket knives, it isn’t the most ladylike thing in the world.  But the thing is, I think more women should.  These nifty little items easily fit in your purse and have so many uses. If you don’t remember, I actually covered some of this already.

  1. Open a wine bottle. Ever buy a bottle of wine to get home and realize you don’t have a wine opener?  I have –  usually involved me buying a bottle that was consumed in a park or something unplanned. Never hurts to be prepared!
  2. Open a can.  So my can opener broke a couple weeks ago. I, of course, forgot this fact until I had stuff on the stove and a can of crushed tomatoes I needed into. After thinking through options, I realized my handy dandy knife can easily get it opened for me.

3. Food Prep or Service. You’ll want to clean the knife first, but if you need something sliced or chopped in a pinch it can handle it. Or…if you are attending a family birthday party at a park and the people hosting forget a knife, you can now serve the cake. Some people aren’t planners so improvisation is a must.

4. Sharpen your lip or eye pencil. I realize it won’t be the prettiest and smoothest sharpening job, but hey when you need makeup, does that really matter? You can always smooth it out once you find that damn pencil sharpener that you somehow never use but you never can find. 

5. Carry all those really heavy grocery bags. I haven’t tried this yet, but holy moly this seems awesome!  If you are like me, I refuse to make two trips so this is super handy!

Modern Belle Life Pocket Knife

Maybe I changed your mind, maybe not. If you ever find yourself with a pocket knife in a situation without a solution – google that shit. Seriously, there are hundreds of uses. Don’t believe me?  There is literally a website of 101 uses

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  1. I carry a pocket knife but then I live on a small holding and I am a gardener and I use it several times a day … but now I need to see if I can use it to open a tin of tomatoes! #abitofeverything

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