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I love a good red wine and a good whiskey is absolute heaven!  I’m not a fan of beer.  There is a weird aftertaste that I truly dislike. After talking to a friend who is a bit of beer nerd, he suggested that it was the hops were causing the offensive taste. So I’ve been thinking about trying a few beers and seeing how it went.

Last night proved to be that opportunity.  While on a first date with someone, he suggested that we go to the Flying Saucer.  They do have a very limited wine menu, but they are known for their extensive beer selection.  I try very hard to be a “when in Rome” type of person.  If I’m at a wine bar, I’m drinking wine.  At a cocktail bar, I’m going to get a fancy, mixology cocktail that takes 5 minutes too long to make. And while at a place that is known for beer, I’m going to try beer, yet again.  This time, it paid off!

Modern Belle Life Beer for Everyone

The guy behind the bar asked me what I normally drank.  I told him red wine and whiskey.  He perked up when he heard whiskey.  He asked if I liked bourbon to which my reply was an enthusiastic “yes!” He said he had something that would be perfect for me.  I was given a thick, dark beer and I immediately was a little concerned…but I took a cautious sip and was pleasantly surprised.  There was a hint of bourbon goodness, some oaky yumminess and a hint of vanilla.  Then I was told the name of the beer which I’m not going to lie when I was told it’s a 10% beer called “Dragon’s Milk” (from New Holland Brewing) I felt a little more badass. It was a surprisingly easy drink.  My head was buzzing a little by the time I finished it but it was totally worth it!

Modern Belle Life Beer for EveryoneAfter I downed that beer, I quickly drank a glass of water to give myself a little breath time and try to reset my taste buds a little.  I told my date my issues with the after taste and shared the hops theory with him.  He translated that into a bunch of beer jargon that I couldn’t understand to the bartender.  The bartender brought me an amber ale to try.  I again cautiously sipped it and again found myself pleasantly surprised.  It wasn’t bitter, didn’t leave the after taste, and had a subtly sweet taste to it. I’m not good with flavor notes so I’m not going to try to explain it. The bartender informed me it was Breckenridge Brewery’s Avalanche. It was definitely a little lighter and it didn’t have the higher alcohol content (which was a good thing) so it would be easier to drink on the regular than Dragon’s Milk.

What this proved to me, is that there is something for everyone.  I made this comment to my date last night, and he actually said looking for beers is a lot like dating which seemed very appropriate.  We had a good time. Now that I’ve found a beer maybe I can find a man.

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  1. I can’t get away with beer either! I have tried loads and never found one I liked. I haven’t tried any gastro ones though, maybe that’s where I would find one I liked 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    • I’ve always just stuck with Bud Light. It wasn’t good but it wasn’t overly offensive.

      If you go to craft beer place, they will usually let you sample something before you order a big glass. You can also in many places do a “flight” of beer. Couple ounces of three to five different beers. Good way to try other things.

    • It is really yummy. Has some sweet vanilla notes a lot like a bourbon. I loved it. Worth the try if you can find it. Glad to have you stop by.

  2. That ‘dragons milk’ sounds strong. One of those now and I’d be on the floor. We’ve got a local brewery and they do some really nice beers. I’m more of a wine and Prosecco girl but happy to try something for a change! #anythinggoes

    • It’s strong in alcohol content but not in taste honestly. It’s worth trying something new. I can’t say I would ever pick either of these beers over my normal drinks but at the same time, I at least have options. Thanks for stopping by!

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