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So I’m a big fan of music.  My alarm clock is music, I turn on Pandora as soon as I get up to get ready, I turn on the radio in the car, I turn on the car in the office, on the way home in the car…yeah you get the point.  I’m pretty much listening to music all day. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not going to tell you about some undiscovered nobody that no one has ever heard of…I’m not a hipster.  There are the artists and bands you should know about if you don’t already!  Maybe there is a chance I might introduce you to at least one cool new act and well these deserve the recognition in my mind.

Bob Schneider

Bob has a cult following all over the place…it seems like everyone that has ever heard of him was introduced to him by a friend who found him through a friend who found him through a friend.  You get the point.  Bob is based out of the musically diverse city of Austin, Texas and his musical abilities are as diverse as the city he lives in.  Not only an amazing songwriter, he has an amazing voice, he play multiple instruments as well.  He has a great sense of humor that comes through in his songs and his live shows.  His songs span the range of emotions: sad, happy, inspiring, and reflective.  Obviously I recommend downloading his songs, but at the very least check him out in concert because it’s bound to be one that you won’t forget anytime soon. His loyal fans will notice that you are a newbie (since you won’t be dancing around and doing the sing-alongs), but will welcome you with open arms and help you learn the hand motions to “Tarantula”.  My favorite songs include: “40 Dogs”, “Let the Light In”, “Honeypot”, “Gold in the Sunset”, and “Big Blue Sea”.


American Aquarium

These guys were recently billed as the hardest working band in the U.S. and after you see their tour schedule it becomes obvious why.  They toured 206 days of 2014 according to Can you imagine being on the road that much?  These guys put on a good show.  They define themselves as a Rock/Americana band, to me they are reminiscent of the Southern Rock genre…a little rock, a little country but all good. Their gritty songs of long stretches away from home, the music man’s lifestyle of sex, drugs and rock and roll, are all full of soul that a lot of music is missing nowadays. The song that truly made me fall in love with them was “Man I’m Supposed to Be” which frontman, BJ Barham wrote and says is his real love song.  Highly recommend catching them at one of their MANY shows.  My favorites: “Man I’m Supposed to Be”, “I Hope He Breaks Your Heart”, “Burn. Flicker. Die”, and “Jacksonville”.



Sturgill Simpson

Now this guy is a departure from my previous suggestions because I actually haven’t seen him in concert.  A co-worker suggested him to me and I almost instantaneously fell in love with his old-school approach to country music. His music reminds me of greats like Waylon, Willie, and Hank.  His last album, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music,  has received quite a bit of positive press. A strong songwriter who wrote 8 of the 10 songs on that album he finds a way to buck the trend of modern, mainstream country music and find success by embracing the roots of country music that many traditionalists are craving on the radio. I do hope to see him live sometime soon.  If you’ve made one of his shows, I would love to know what you think.  My favorite songs:  “You Can Have the Crown”, “Hero”, “Just Let Go”, “Turtles All The Way Down”, and “Living the Dream”.


George Ezra

So a friend one day texted when I was stressed out and said, “I know things are crazy right now but just watch this…I think it’ll make you smile.”  It was the video for “Listen to the Man” by George Ezra.  My friend was right.  George Ezra is a normal looking white kid with the deepest, most amazing voice.  He heard about him on NPR…because NPR seems to be really good at spotlighting people before everyone else in the world hears about them.  George is a singer-songwriter whose music leans more towards a folksy-rock type sound.  Some of his songs are lighthearted while others are lamenting the loss of a love to another man.  “Breakaway” talks of a girl whose boyfriend is possibly emotionally abusive.  My favorites: “Listen to the Man”, “Blame it on Me”, and “Cassy’O”.  Do yourself a favor and watch the “Listen to the Man” video…I mean Sir Ian McKellen is dancing around in it…do you need more of a reason?

Elle King

Elle was very recently recommended to me by a friend. I love her spunky spirit that sets her apart from the gaggle of pop princesses.  She is gritty and unapologetic.  She definitely leans more towards the rock genre. Her song “Good to be a Man” is the perfect song to listen to post-break up from that jerky ex you should have dumped years ago, highlighting all the “evils” of men.  “America’s Sweetheart” is probably my favorite with its country roots and banjo.  It’s an anthem for all women who don’t give a crap about what anyone else thinks and is tired of being told to conform to standards.  “Ex’s and Oh’s” is a fun song about dating and all the men she has left in her wake.  My favorites: “America’s Sweetheart”, “Ain’t Gonna Drown”, “Where the Devil Don’t Go”.


I hope I introduced you to at least one new band or song.  If not then you at least know me and my musical taste a little better. Let me know what you think of the artists and songs in the comments.


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    • George Ezra is one of my favorites. He is one of those people that you would never guess that’s what he looks like if you just heard his voice.

  1. Haven’t encountered any of these artists, so guess I should check them out! Thanks for the recommendation, enjoyed connecting with your blog via the #AnythingGoes linky

    • Thanks Luke for checking it out. They are all pretty different so I’m sure at least one of them will be something you might like.

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