At home treats

Let’s be real, everyone is overworked, over scheduled, and just needs a break.  I travel a bit for work so my home is my hiding place from the rest of the world.  I have a few favorite at home treats – ways to splurge that make me smile but of course aren’t big, costly things.

at home treat - flowers1. Fresh flowers are my new but favorite new obsession. When I got home yesterday from being out of town all week all I could think about what how bare my table looked without flowers.  Every Saturday or Sunday when I go to the grocery I pick up a bouquet of flowers. You can spend a little money and get an arrangement already put together, I don’t need my flowers perfectly arranged.  I just cut the stems a touch to fit in the vase and throw them in.   As you can tell tulips have been in season recently.  I did splurge on peonies – they are my favorite flowers.  One peony costs what I normally spend on an entire bouquet.

2. Sugar scrubs are one of my favorite bath time treats. Yes you can buy the stuff in the store but have you ever looked at the ingredients in those containers?  It’s scary…I don’t even know how to pronounce some of the chemical names.   Lucky for us, you can make it super easy too.  Make the investment on a couple basic essential oils – I have lavender for relaxation and eucalyptus for energy and it helps clear the sinuses when you have a cold. Take a small container, add in granulated sugar, then add the liquid oil of your choice (olive, grape seed, avocado, etc. )and some essential oils.   Voila!  You have a special treat that will leave you with super soft skin!at home treat - bath

3. Epsom salt has a lot of wives tales attached to it but I have found that pouring epsom salt in a hot tub has two results.  First you will sweat in the bath – yes you will get sweaty.  But the byproduct of that sweating is you are doing a bit of detoxing.  After a night of one too many glasses of wine or a little too much whiskey, a 20-30 minute soak in an epsom salt bath will leave me feeling like a new person.  Granted it might not fix all the wrongs in the world, but let’s be real anything that helps a hangover is awesome in my book.

4. By far my favorite thing to do at home is to turn on the radio and get in the kitchen.  And then if I can up the ante and find someone to come over and enjoy the meal with me, I’m twice as happy.  I think that is the one thing about me that is truly 100% Southern woman.  Nothing makes me happier than feeding friends and family a good meal.  Sometimes the dish is fancy and other times it super simple like breakfast for dinner. The people being there does interrupt my spontaneous dancing that usually happens when I really good song comes on.  I guess that’s just the trade off.

What are you favorite ways to treat yourself?  I’m always looking for a new way to reward myself just for making it through a day or week!