Bad Date: The anti-Christ

Yeah so that title seems little extreme admittedly.  But when I try to come up with one word as a theme to this date this is the only one I can come up with.  We shall call him “V” since I don’t want to give his full name. The guy was previously a radio personality sidekick so he was super entertaining.  We had talked on the phone and it was so much fun talking with him.  I was so excited to meet him out.

We decided to meet at Sherlock’s on Greenville…great location. He comes in and isn’t quite as attractive as I remember him from the pictures but his personality was so much fun that I didn’t care.  We were sharing stories back and forth.  He was funny and entertaining (shocking I know since that was literally his job at one point).  Then he says something about being kicked out of churches twice.

So something you might not know about me, I was raised going to church. I know to get kicked out of a church you have to do something pretty bad!  Churches are about acceptance and forgiveness…they don’t kick people out. So how do you get kicked out of church?! TWICE?! So I ask him the stories. I’m going to tell you the stories just like he told me but shorter.  I can promise you they will not make sense.

The first time – he was in his teens. He was supposed to play with a friend’s band at church during the contemporary service.  He shows up with his bass guitar in a gas that has flames on it.  His hair was longer.  He was playing the bass and supposedly during the service the pastor and a couple of deacons pull him aside.  They tell him that he is upsetting people and he should leave.  He asks for an explanation and doesn’t receive what he feels is a legitimate answer.  He claims the deacons got in his face and said they would force ably remove him if he didn’t leave on his own. He went on to say he nearly punched the pastor.  Yes please let allow me to say it again, he wanted to punch the pastor!!!  Who wants to punch a pastor?!?!

Fast forward over 15 years later. He was part of a church’s singles group.  In his words, he was part of a group that helped the group grow exponentially following the guidelines that  the church had set forth.  As a result of the group growing so fast, the church pulled him and some of the original members aside and had a meeting with them and asked them to leave the group.  After the group questioned the church leadership, the group was asked to not attend the church anymore.

Now, if you have ever been involved in any type of church before you can see that his side of the story is lacking…there is no way that he was telling the whole story.  There was another story that I remember him telling but I don’t remember all the details so I’ll leave it alone. But let’s be real…being asked to leave a church once isn’t okay.  Finding that something worth bragging about? That’s totally unacceptable.  He seemed to wear it like a badge of honor.

Needless to say, my Jesus-loving, God-fearing heart was not okay with that, we said a polite bye and we never spoke again.