Beef Stroganoff

I’m sure I’m not alone in this…I crave comfort food when I’m stressed.  But of course when I’m stressed that means I don’t want to put a lot of work into a meal and clean up.  So I was looking for a one pot meal the other day and stumbled upon the One Pot Ground Beef Stroganoff from Taste & Tell.

One Pot Stroganoff

Taste & Tell’s One Pot Ground Beef Stroganoff

Looks kind of amazing right?  Well now you know why I immediately decide d that despite stroganoff being a winter dish, I had to have it!  I made a couple of changes but nothing that really changed  the flavor.

Instead of ground beef, I used stew meat.  Since it was frozen, I let it thaw just a little and cut it into small bite sized pieces to help it cook more quickly.  I didn’t want everything overcooking while the beef cooked through.  I added lots of salt and pepper because I like to season in the beginning rather than the end.  I also used penne pasta – only because I already had it at home. I also added extra sour cream because I like the zip that it gives.  Other than that the exact same recipe.


yummy meat browning in a mixture of onion and garlic.

I’m obviously not a food blogger so pardon the lackluster food photography.  Taste & Tell’s looked much better than mine in the end hence you don’t get a picture of my final product. (Not to mention I totally forgot to before I started eating and cleaning up the kitchen – which took no time since it was a cutting board, and one pan!)  Taste & Tell has links to a couple other one pot meals on the same page that look really amazing as well – let me know if you try one of the others before I get a chance!  And a big thanks to Deborah at Taste & Tell for the delicious meal last night!