Birthday Wish List

I love my birthday.  It’s a day (or more) in which it isn’t considered rude for me to enjoy being the center of attention!  I love that a birthday gives people a reason to get together to celebrate – whether that’s going home for the weekend, dinner with friends or maybe a trip.

And I  know the cool thing to do is to say that you don’t care about presents,  but who are we kidding?  First, it’s proof that someone was thinking about you.  Second, it’s like being a kid again, opening the box to see what’s inside.  It’s exciting.  How often in our adult lives do we get good surprises? Not that often, so yes, I will take a present when it’s offered.

Because I rarely can think of something I want on the spot when someone asks, I started a Pinterest board that my family (and at least one very resourceful friend) use when it comes to birthdays and holidays.  On my Wish List board you will find a lot of different items – books, jewelry, house goods, and more.  I actually started to use this as my list of things I want as well so when I decide to do some impulse shopping it isn’t purely impulsive.  Here are just a few of my favorite things.

Modern Belle Life Birthday Wish List

Texas Necklace
from NINOTCHKAgoods on Etsy



Love Trinket Tray Shop on Martha $12.00


Modern Belle Life Birthday Wish List

“Light as a Feather” Necklace $58.00 at Neiman Marcus


"Be Both" by Ali Smith $14.90 for hardback

“Be Both” by Ali Smith
$14.90 for hardback


Kate Spade New York Glitter Earrings Nordstrom $38.00

Kate Spade New York Glitter Earrings


Love Pillow Nordstrom $29.00

Love Pillow


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4 comments on “Birthday Wish List

  1. What a fab idea for a Pinterest board! It must be very helpful for people buying you gifts. It’s good as the person giving the gift to know you are buying something the birthday girl will really like. Happy Birthday (you’re going to tell me now it’s in February or something aren’t you lol)
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

    • Thanks! Birthday is actually tomorrow – that’s why I’m calling August the Month of Me…because I’m obviously painfully shy!

      Family loves it as I never know what to tell them. I have a few friends that use it as well. Makes it easy because literally people click a picture to the link where they can buy. I love it because it just takes me pinning something when I see something I like, then removing it if I receive it. Perfect way to make life easier on everyone!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you get lots of nice presents. I must admit I do like receiving gifts, too. Generally I either get things I want/need but can’t afford/don’t get round to buying myself or things I’d never have thought of, which can be lovely and end up being some of my favourite things.


    • Thanks for visiting Lady Nym. Thanks for the birthday wish I agree – birthdays are a great chance to get all the things you would never get yourself but you totally want! Glad I’m not the only one that will admit that presents are awesome! 🙂

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