Christmas Gift Lists

I in no way have contributed to these Christmas gift lists, however, I have looked at all of them and L-O-V-E each and every one of them.  The randomness of them perfectly suits me and all my interests and personality nuances.

Modern Belle Life christmas gift listGarden & Gun Gift Gallery

Garden & Gun is something you need to check out if you don’t already know about it.  It is my go-to, first stop for anything Southern and artisan made.  The list includes masculine leather and sporting gifts for men and delicates for women and home goods for everyone in between.  But for a moment, let’s just admire these too cute PJs from Eberjay out of Florida.  So cute!


Modern Belle Life Christmas Gift LIst

Gifts for the Homebody

This shirt pretty much sums up my entire existence by the end of a work day.  I’ve said countless times, you want to see me after work? You best catch me before the bra comes off because after I let the girls go, I’m not leaving the house again.  This list gives you wall art prints, clothes, snacks and more.  For anyone that loves their couch and some downtime, this is your go-to list.


Modern Belle Life Christmas Gift ListRandom List of Gifts from Mashable

This isn’t what I would say is “The Best Gift Ideas” as they title it, but it does have some cool stuff on it.  Like a kit that will turn anything into edible, jelly-like beads of food.  Not sure how much I would like that in practical application, but I’m imagining “eating” whiskey which could be interesting. However, the following item is what sold me.  Yep, my Star Wars loving heart kind of adores these Hans Solo frozen in carbonite pop tarts.

Modern Belle Life Christmas Gift ListGifts for People Who Like to Booze 

Umm…how cool is this bartending picnic kit?  I mean picnic baskets are adorable, but this totally makes me want to pack up a couple bottles of booze & mixers, grab some friends and a blanket and have a fun picnic party!  The wine sippy cups are awesomeness as well, but I have to say for the wine related accessories, the bathtub wine holders…game changer!  Because setting your glass on the side of tub is asking for spilt wine or broken glass. As for the whiskey drinker, the whiskey wedge sounds interesting.  My only wonder would be, does it fit that perfectly in all glasses? What happens once it starts awkwardly moving around and you are trying to drink and all of a sudden a chunk of ice ends up in your face?

Modern Belle Life Christmas Gift List21 “Fucking” Great Gifts for People Who Swear

The person that created this list might just be my soulmate. For the potty-mouthed friend in your life (or me, if you know me) this is the list that provides you with a plethora of amazing gift ideas.  A throw pillow that cusses you in French or a make-up bag simply labeled “Face Shit”, or a giant wall decal  stating “IDFWU”.  So, I actually had to look up that last one, apparently it is an acronym for the song, “I Don’t Fuck with You.”


Just goes to prove there is a fun gift for even the most complicated person on your life.

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  1. I am so going to check out the boozy gifts (how cool is the picnic set!) and the sweary ones! I realise that makes all my friends sound like drunks who swear – well I did say i’d be honest lol 🙂 Thanks for hosting #AnythingBut

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