Cleaning for a cause

I love purging.  Which makes spring cleaning one of my favorite things.

So the happy thing is I’ve lost some weight in the last few months and am down a few sizes.  After digging through my closet for months, ignoring over half of my clothes because they don’t fit anymore.  Yes I realize that it’s not always fun, maybe instead of losing weight, you’ve put some on.  But here is the deal why are you holding onto things that you can’t wear?  It’s more frustrating than anything.

My steps to purging:

  1. IMG_6555Put your feelings aside.  Why are you holding onto the shirt of an ex-boyfriend or the bridesmaids dress from 5 years ago?  Those warm and fuzzies are no reason to be filling your closet with clothes that (a) don’t fit (b) you won’t ever wear again.
  2. Purge the colors you don’t wear.  I’m really bad about convincing myself that certain colors don’t look so bad on me.  However, pictures have proven that certain shades of pink and all shades of yellow do not flatter me.  Divorce yourself from the love of the color and toss it.
  3.  If you haven’t worn it in a year then put it in the pile.  Most of the time after a year we can easily find at least 15 items that are no longer in vogue.  We won’t wear that color, pattern, cut every again. So why keep it?
  4. When in doubt try it on.  If you aren’t sure how it looks because its been that long since you’ve worn that pair of pants, try them on.  You can find out real quick if they are hanging off you or giving you a muffin top.


Once you’ve purged through things make 2 piles –

FullSizeRender1. Donate – these are your items that are in wearable condition.  I don’t know about you but I somehow have outfits that still have tags on them.  Which is irritating for SO many reasons. but if its never been worn then why on earth would I do anything other than give it a chance to be worn by someone else?  Now if you have friends that are close to your size you can offer them a chance to rummage through this pile.  A friend recently walked away with several dresses, few tops and a couple pairs of pants that I couldn’t wear anymore.  Saving people money all the way around? Score!  The rest can be taken to goodwill or dropped in one of the donation boxes that are scattered around most towns.

2. Trash.  If its stained, torn, etc. it goes to the garbage.  If you are crafty then you can try to salvage fabric for DIY projects as well.  I however am not crafty so a lot of it goes to the trash. I hate the waste but at least it isn’t taking up room in my closet.

Now that you’ve done your cleaning for a cause, you can take stock of your thinned out wardrobe and you can enjoy buying new clothes that you will love wearing.