Clint Eastwood or John Wayne? Clint Guys

So there is a question I ask on pretty much all first dates, “Who you do prefer: Clint Eastwood or John Wayne?”  As a fan of both men and their movies, I can’t honestly say that there is a wrong answer, but I have a theory that their answer reveals a lot about how a guy sees himself.   Again, just my theory and so far with the guys I’ve dated it has seemed pretty spot on.  This might not be a test that would work in other states, lucky me – any guys that haven’t seen at least one movie by each growing up in Texas – well…I probably shouldn’t date them anyway.

Clint Eastwood from "Fistful of Dollars"

Clint Eastwood from “Fistful of Dollars” in 1964 from Wikipedia

So Clint Eastwood guys.  Clint Eastwood guys tend to see themselves as an alpha male, manly man types but like Clint in 99% of his movies.  They are the type that shoot guns, chop wood and believe in a good day’s work.

Eastwood guys are stoic.  It’s not that they can’t be romantic or sensitive, but that isn’t their default setting.  Whether it’s napping on a riverbank while the Union army makes their way towards him (“Outlaw Josey Wales”), he is steadying the barrel of a rifle to shoot a lynching rope (“The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”), or he is  scouting new talent for a professional team while everyone is against him (“Trouble with the Curve”) – you don’t see overt emotion. There are times where things obviously upset him, but you can’t ever imagine him breaking down in tears.

Eastwood guys see themselves as protectors.  While Clint doesn’t overtly show emotion he will fiercely fight to protect someone.  He does this will an attitude that shows cool detachment from the situation rather than the fiery passion that you see from some other heroes. With a Clint guy – you will never have to worry about finding yourself in a situation where you are defenseless if he is around. Your honor will always remain intact.

The last thing that seems to separate the two would be that Clint guys are more modern.  While they most likely still have a chivalrous streak to them – probably still opening doors for you, they might not be the ones that walk on the outside of the street or pull out your chair. It’s those small nuances that are more than likely lost on Clint guys.  They just grew up in a different time so those weren’t things that a lot of kids were taught when they were growing up.