Clint Eastwood or John Wayne? Duke guys

As I mentioned I have developed a little personality test for dates based on the question, “Who do you prefer: Clint Eastwood or John Wayne?”  People tend to project themselves onto characters that they enjoy.  While you may think that Clint and John are similar their western movie characters are where most similarities end.

Both John Wayne and Clint Eastwood were manly however, they had different approaches.  Clint was the more silent and deadly type.  John gave you plenty of warnings and then he wore your butt out. Instead of being in your face, he found roundabout ways to get the job done.  Just think back to “McLintock!” when he was trying to settle things after a settler girl came up missing. He tried to talk to the father of the girl for a while, finally he takes the gun away from the settler and gives him a good tongue lashing before he lays the guy out. Plenty of warnings given, but he didn’t hesitate to end the dispute.

While the Duke always had a gritty character, the characters always had a soft spot for other people.  He took in and mentored a guy named Mississippi, he had a loyal Chinese cook that he cared about, in “Cowboys” he takes on a group of young boys to help drive a herd up north. And, of course, there were the women…the fiery relationship between McLintock and Katherine was one of my favorites. He never eased up on her, but he never gave up on their relationship either.

John Wayne was a protector like Clint but in a different way especially when it comes to their westerns. Clint protected people when needed (“Gran Torino”, “Trouble with the Curve”, among many others), but John Wayne often times was a lawman.  Think about the U.S. Marshall & Texas Ranger, Rooster Cogburn charging on horseback, reigns in his teeth, guns in both hands trying to take down the group of outlaws that killed Mattie’s father.

The biggest departure is John Wayne guys are more traditional.  They are going to catch the subtle nuances of chivalry and manners that may pass others by.  A John Wayne guy will probably open the door for you and then lightly touch the small of your back while you walk through the door – a subtle way to show he has your back…literally. He would never dream of wearing a ballcap at the dinner table and might even get up when women get up from or sit down at the table.

You can’t go wrong with either type of guy, it just makes for interesting conversation and could give you some insight into the personality of your potential suitor. Now if you ask the question and he says, “neither”, well at that point you might as well call it quits. If a man doesn’t enjoy one of these great actors you might as well assume he has no taste.