Cuffing Season

The weather has turned cool.  Sweaters and scarves have been pulled out from storage.  Girls start wearing their boots & infinity scarves while sipping pumpkin spiced lattes.  Guys pull their North Face vests and plaid shirts out of the closet. and talk footballl stats.  Fall brings so many amazing things, but it also is the most perilous time of the year for singles.

Modern Belle Life Cuffing Season

That’s right, we are officially in cuffing season. If you’ve been out of dating for a while, maybe you are lucky enough to have forgotten the stress that comes with cuffing season.  Or….maybe you live under a rock and are not familiar with this phenomenon.

What is cuffing season?

Cuffing season starts in  October (or the first cold snap) and goes through New Years (or at least that’s how I refer to it, others say it starts earlier and it can run as late as Valentine’s Day!). There are varying opinions of what causes this yearly mass coupling. Some say its because the cold weather makes you want to have someone around to cuddle.  Others insist that its because its a built in date for all the holiday parties.

If it encourages people to get into a relationship, why is cuffing season bad?

Aww…you must be married.  You see the thing is while majority of singles would love to be in a relationship, this particular season creates its own problems.  Yes, you have a built in date to the holiday parties.  BUT that puts your new relationship on the fast track.  Would you normally introduce your co-workers or family to the guy you’ve been dating for a month?  Hell no! A month in you barely know if you like him.  But if you don’t take him, what does that say?  Then at that point are you saying you see no future at all?  You see what I mean?  And what on earth do you get a guy for Christmas if you’ve been dating him for a month or two (or even a couple of weeks!)??  Who needs that kind of pressure? Dating is hard enough as it is!

So what should I do if I’m single during cuffing season?

Modern Belle LIfe Cuffing SeasonWell, people tend go about it one of two different ways – some embrace it and some ignore it.  Those that embrace it start trying to get to the end game (a steady relationship) as soon as the first date is over.  I mean why waste that prime cuddle time?  The great thing is that while women are all about some cuffing season, so are men.  It’s the one time of the year its cool to be on the hunt so to speak.  So if you are a single girl, get out there because men are going to be more  open to approaching you and well that’s always a nice little change (a guy approaching you wanting more than a one-night thing).

Modern Belle Life Cuffing SeasonThen of course there are the ones that fight against it.  They can’t handle the pressure. I don’t know you, how am I supposed to buy you a gift? What happens if you get drunk at my company holiday party?  No, these people are comfortable in their skin and do not need to be cuffed.  They are cuffed to their independence, nights on their couch with Netflix and a bottle of wine (or whiskey) in their flannel pjs and not having to get ready to go with someone.  I respect these people. You go you non-cuffers!

I will admit that the pressure of it all does intimidate me a little, however because of my work schedule the fall and winter are the best times for me to date.  So…here I am doing online dating during cuffing season. The trick is to not let yourself scare…date like Christmas isn’t around the corner, ignore the fact that you need a NYE kiss. I don’t know…we’ll see what happens. But Happy Cuffing Season to all you singles and congratulations to all you married people out there that do not have to deal with this BS anymore!

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  1. Oh gosh I have to admit to being a bit lost. I had no idea what Cuffing Season was! I’ve been out of the dating scene for about 13 years (married for 8). Hope you enjoy yourself this Cuffing Season hun. xx

    • I don’t know where the concept came from but apparently it’s a real thing that people talk about. Eventually I’ll be able to stop thinking about this stuff too I hope. Thanks for stopping by Morgan!

  2. I had no idea cuffing season was a thing, I’m glad I’m happily single at the moment, it sounds like a minefield! Good luck on the hunt lol 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

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