Dream Board 2016

Or inspiration board, vision board, goal collage, whatever you want to call it, I am kinda into them.  I’m not a hippy.  I was never a sorority girl.  I’m not an overly emotional, touchy, feely, type of person.  But I do love me a dream board.

I have always done physical pieces – usually on a piece of posterboard or included it in the first couple pages of my journal…because yeah, I get a new journal every year.  Need the new start, the new karma slate in the form of leather bound paper…much like the karma cleansing haircut.  When putting all of my goals into one space, it’s easy for me to see my priorities and figure out what is important at that moment in my life.

Modern Belle Life I want more little mermaid dream boardMy problem for 2016?  I’m feeling a little bit like Ariel…I want more…

I want to get better at my job, I want to accept new responsibilities, take on new challenges.  I want to fall in love with an amazing man.  I want to travel – for fun – not just work.  I want to take more time for my hobbies, this blog, reading, and shooting. I want to put more effort into my health – workout and spend more evenings cooking healthy meals.

I don’t just want more…I kinda want it all.  I want to be totally greedy this year.  Why settle for only a portion of what the world has to offer?  Why can’t I have everything?   Why can’t I be as greedy as this cute panda?  Modern Belle Life - i want it all greedy

So my dream board for this year represents all the areas I want more…it represents my desire for balance. If I’m going to have more of everything, I’ll have to balance everything.  Everything will have to be a priority.  Some days work may trump hobbies, but other days I’m going to need to put down my laptop and make the happy hour with friends even if that means working once I get home.


Modern Belle Life Vision Dream Board Balance resolution 2016

What would your board look like? Send me the link to yours if you have one.  I would love to see it.

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