Event gifts

Seriously what kind of gift do you get the person that has access to pretty much anything?

Event gifts or favors are typically a fun project, being cute and kitschy, it can be fun.  Finding a new twist or way to spin things is a challenge but I always kind of like that.

I have a unique group of people as they are typically very affluent. Our events are mostly annual events so once you found a great idea, you have to try to top it the next year!  It makes it doubly hard when I am trying buy for people who’s monthly budgets are several months (maybe even a year or more) of my pay!

So why not try crowd sourcing ideas?!  If I can’t come up with a perfect idea, surely someone else can or at least will inspire a brilliant idea.

My events I’m currently struggling with are:

  • A shotgun sporting event – mostly outdoors obviously, a masculine event, but people bring their spouses and sometimes their kids or grand kids.  This would need to be a rustic or sportsman’s gift.
  • A new event that is focused around a Veterans Appreciation event at the property.  It will be a smaller group but need something that is patriotic and classy.

So, what do you think? If you had the ability to buy anything, but were given a gift what do you want?