Favorite Parisian Finds

Most people shop for fashion in Paris.  My favorite Parisian finds were for the home and food products.  Of course, now I’ve fallen in love with some of these items and can’t get them anymore, but I digress.


Who doesn’t love a flea market find?  I pretty much hit what I would say is the lottery.  I’m more than slightly in love with glass jugs. There is a whole display in my apartment made of different sizes, shapes and colors.  These two little beauties cost me less than $40!  The picture was only $3.  And the letter…well I have figured out what to do with them, but I couldn’t pass it up for only $15.

There are a few places to shop in Paris, but Les Puces des Saint Ouen is where I spent over half a day. There is everything from antiques to clothes to random stuff like this.  I had an amazing Nutella crepe while I was there as well.  Shipping wasn’t cheap but it was worth it.  Les Puces has a cute little food market as well – best strawberries I’ve ever tasted!

Let’s talk tea.  I’m now completely obsessed.  When I say obsessed, I am drinking probably my 9th cup of hot tea today. (Has to be better than cokes, right?).  I bought two teas while I was there.

jasmine-pearl (2)Walking into Dammann is like walking into a dream. They have tea brewing and it smells delicious.  The room is full of tins you can open so you can smell the teas.  Some are amazingly good, others…well weren’t my cup of tea. (haha, I made a funny).   After going through so many smells that my nose finally gave up, I settled on the Jasmine Pearl Tea. It’s green tea leaves that are tightly rolled and infused with jasmine. It’s my favorite I think just because who doesn’t want to smell something as beautiful as jasmine all day.  Dammann can be found in some specialty shops outside of Paris.

digestiveNot going to lie, I got this because again, it smelled good.  But what I figured out after purchasing it was that it was a digestive aid. L’Autre Digestion supposedly helps calm a tummy, make digestion easier, and eliminate toxins.  It smells minty with a floral undertone. It has a lot of fine grains so when I put it in my tea ball some ends up in the bottom of my mug – doesn’t really bother me.


chavignol-fromageWhat I do love about France is their cheese…the goat cheese in particular. They are as serious about their cheese as they are about their wine. In the area of Sancerre, they have a seal (has a goat head on it) that guarantees the quality of the goat cheese.  You can get it new, only days old, aged a month, three months or more.  The older it is the stronger the taste and the drier it gets.  Either way, delicious.  Pair that with a rosé and you have found happiness.


I actually didn’t buy this, my friend did.  We did a tasting in the store though and it was amazing!  I personally love a touch of truffle oil in some boring dishes to help make it something special. The good news is that Oliviers & Co. does have outlets here in the States, so online ordering is really easy.  They have the black truffle oil and white.  They also have plain oil, lots of seasonings and other infused oils.  Now that the weather has turned cooler, she and I might have to get together to make something with our find.


What is your favorite find from any of your travels?  Where did you find it?


2 comments on “Favorite Parisian Finds

  1. I havent been to Paris since I was a child, but even then I loved the little antique shops. I remember on a school holiday, while my friends were buying Eifel tower gifts, I was trawling the antique shops for the perfect little thimble for my mum.
    And the patisseries……do I need say any more…….
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

    • I think I could have spent a couple days in the flea market. And you are right, the patisseries and boulangeries were amazing! I would have gone there every day. The food was my favorite part of Paris.

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