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I enjoy cooking.  I mean I legitimately enjoying cooking.  I wasn’t always that way though.  There was a time when I was not even to able brown meat without burning it.  Now there are a handful of recipes I can make without a recipe in front of me.  But yeah, I’m a recipe kind of girl, so 99.9% of the time you’ll find me in my apron with the iPad propped up on the counter when I’m cooking.  Over the course of the last few years, I’ve tried every type of recipe imaginable – easy, difficult, fancy, casual.  Since there is no such thing as too many recipe recommendations, I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes.

Lemon Chicken Asparagus from Pinch of Yum
I love this one so much!  It’s a one pan meal so it makes the pick up so easy! It looks way like a way fancier meal that what it really is which makes it perfect!

 Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Cream Sauce
In case you have noticed, there is a bit of a theme here…I like lemon flavors! This one takes a little more work but can you go wrong with lemon, basil and cream? Just sayin’.

Kil’t Greeens with Bacon Jam
I’m not going to lie and say that I love greens, but if you put this bacon jam with them…they become very yummy. In fact, just make the bacon jam, and I dare you to find something that doesn’t taste amazing once slathered with sweet, bacony goodness.

One-Pot Ground Beef Stroganoff
We did stroganoff a lot when I was growing up – the recipe was nothing like this though. Not exactly what I would call clean or fresh…more “cream of mushroom” rather than actual mushrooms. This however, was amazing! Best part? It’s another one pan meal!

I know not everything on this list is in season, but that doesn’t make it less yummy. Pin it for later and enjoy!

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3 comments on “Favorite Recipes

  1. First off, your blog is absolutely gorgeous!

    I don’t cook. I would like to one day but as of right now I can’t reach the counters and everybody is too scared of me using sharp knives!! The grilled chicken recipe sounds amazing!! Stroganoff is one of my favorite meals ever!! Now you’ve got me craving it and I literally had it a couple of weeks ago! My dad’s made it once homemade (we usually use Hamburger Helper) and it just wasn’t the same. I’m still don’t know if nobody liked because of that or the fact that HE made it. My mom makes it the most and there just some dishes that they each excel at and unfortunately that wasn’t his! Poor guy! 🙂


    • Thanks Meg for the sweet compliment. We always ate the Hamburger Helper version when I was little too, this recipe tasted so much better! All the same flavors but from clean ingredients. But I totally get there are certain things people make a particular way and it’s just hard to have it from anyone else. My mom’s lasagna is that dish for me!

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