Great love

Maybe you call it a great love, a soul mate, destiny, or fate. Whatever you call it I think we can all agree that most of us are looking for that special connection.  Those connections come in a lot of different forms.  While we hope to find that in our person that we spend our lives with, often we do find that connection with platonic relationships or romantic relationships that come to an end.

We all have one person that we have met somewhere who makes us breathless, our chest gets tight, our heart skips a beat, our stomach fills with butterflies. And what is a little crazy about those feelings is there is no time limit on it.  You may have known the person for a day, a week, or years.  Maybe you haven’t seen them in years, but that first time you see them again is like a gut punch.

Watching the video below brought tears to my eyes.  Watching two people who loved each other so much see each other for the first time in 30 years – it’s powerful. You can imagine their thoughts, the memories flooding back and the “what-ifs” filtering through.  It is sweet and because there are no words, it’s easy to project your own story onto the couple.