Inspiration & Support

There has been a bit of a circle of inspiration going around my family.  Last year I started a workout and eating routine that was actually effective.  I have struggled with my weight for a long time – PCOS, a crazy schedule and well laziness & pure unhealthy living has made it ridiculously hard to maintain weight – forget about losing it! So anyway, started a program of clean eating with great workouts.  In about 3 months I lost 10 lbs and am down 4″ on my waistline! I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but it amounts to 2 sizes.


My parents made the trip to Dallas this year for a shopping excursion.  While here my parents complimented me on the weight loss.  It’s great when people recognize the effort you have put into anything.  But now for the really cool part.  My dad was inspired by my dedication to the program and the results I was showing so he started working out and eating right.  He has lost some weight which is awesome but the best part is he has improved his overall health so much that he doesn’t have to take blood pressure meds anymore!  That’s major!  I’m so stupid proud of him!

IMG_6684Well after falling off the wagon in Paris, I have been slacking like crazy on eating and working out. Today on the way home he and I were talking like we always do on Mondays, he was telling me about his workout and the healthy meal he was having for dinner.  I was so inspired by home and everything the has done that when I got home I immediately put on my workout clothes and busted out a 30 minute workout.  Then I got my happy butt in the kitchen and got my meal prep done.  I’m grab and go for the rest of the week!  Which is the most important part for me – if I IMG_6688have to do anything in the morning other than grab and stuff in the lunch bag then I won’t take it to work which means I’ll end up going out for lunch and rarely is that something healthy.

Beyond the inspiration that he and I give each other, we give a lot of support in the way of recipes, workout tips, and accountability.  I have that with a few friends but it is special to me that my dad has made such a huge commitment and has done something that has made him healthier.  And I know he has no problem telling me to get off my lazy butt, put on my workout clothes, and press play.

Long story short, I’m not trying to tell you to get up and work out.  But if that’s something you are interested in, find your inspiration and support system.  You may find yourself being someone else’s inspiration!