Month of Thanks: Week 4

Modern Belle Life Month of ThanksThe month of thanks is in Week 4!  That’s right, the final week.

Day 22:  Maxi Dresses & Leggings.  Let’s be real, maxi dresses and leggings are literally the most comfortable clothing EVER!  Cute denim jacket and wedges with a maxi all of a sudden you are ready to go out, when moments ago, you were lounging at home.  Scared of leggings, well make sure your top is long enough to cover your butt, pull on boots and pair a cute scarf and then you are magically ready for brunch.  Yes, I’m thankful for lazy clothes that require minimal additions to make it presentable for public.

Day 23:  Online Shopping.  I love online shopping. The fact I can look through a wide selection of things (clothes, books, house goods, shoes, and literally anything else you want) all from the comfort of my couch and place my order. Days later in a wonderful little box I get all the items I wanted.  I can try them on in my own apartment, pairing with different pants, skirts, and shoes to make sure it works for multiple outfits.  Anything that doesn’t work goes back to the store, quick and easy. Even better when I can make money while doing my shopping.

Day 24:  Wine Nights.  There is something about booze that brings people together. A bottle of red wine, maybe two (okay probably two) between two people is the best.  Conversation is flowing and by the time that second bottle is gone inhibitions are waning.  That’s when things get interesting, entertaining, and (depending on your company) educational.

Day 25:  My Journal.  Blogging is great, but I love to journal.  I don’t always immediately know how I feel about things.  I wish I could say that I did, but I don’t. Instead, I have to process it all.  I rehash the situation, all the conversation, think of how off it makes me feel, then look at it all logically.  Somewhere along the way, I figure out my feelings. That’s what I like about my journal, there is no feedback to make me feel good or bad about my processing or my feeling, it just is there to allow me to work through it.

Day 26:  Mom coming home.  Monday evening I found out my mom was in the hospital with clots in her lungs.  We weren’t real sure when she was going to get to come home.  So having her home on Thanksgiving was the best thing I ever could have hoped for!

Day 27:  Kitchen time with loved ones.  Having time with family and friends in the kitchen is the best.  Learning new techniques, tasting things as you cook, talking about life and love. It’s the most simple time ever but it is great for that reason.

Day 28:  Rainy Days Under Blankets.  I actually really love the rain.  Granted after days and days of it, yes, I crave the sun, but I love the rain.  Rain gives you permission to be lazy…or at least that’s how I figure it anyway.  Add cold temperatures to the rain and all of a sudden its the perfect day.  Getting cozy on the couch with a blanket, either catching up on TV or reading a good book…that’s what makes greatness.

Day 29: Winter Comfort Food.  There are comfort foods for every season, but winter comfort food is my favorite.  I’m currently waiting on my chicken to be done so I can finish off chicken noodle soup, or chicken and dumplings…can’t decide which.  They start the same for me so I still have time to figure it out 🙂  There is also pot roast and beef stroganoff that I love.

Day 30: Christmas Lights. I love the warm glow of clear Christmas lights.  It’s magical.  Takes you back to being a child and getting excited about the presents that would follow weeks later.  I love how it makes me feel, like everything in the world is amazing and anything is possible.  Doesn’t matter if it’s on my own tree, a neighbor of houses, or trees lining the trees…it’s like fireworks.

Over the course of a month, finding 30 things to be thankful for was amazing.  When you stop being negative and instead find things that makes you happy, grateful, warm and fuzzy, all of life feels better.  Don’t stop at 30 days and find a way to be thankful every day.

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