Month of Thanks: Week 1

Modern Belle Life Month of ThanksWhile being thankful should never go out of style, I have to admit, I like there is a month to purposefully think about all the blessings we have in life.  Yep, we are going #blessed this month.  I have a million things to be thankful for, but I’m going to try to narrow it down to only 30.

Day 1: Family.  My family is awesome.  My dad was at every game I ever played, cheered, or played in the band for.  My mom was at all my major doctor appointments and surgeries.   They have supported me through layoffs, break-ups, celebrations of graduations and winning awards.  Beyond being supportive, they are funny as all get out.  We are a bunch of sarcastic people who will pick until we smell blood in the water, then we attack like sharks (in the most loving way possible of course). They are the reason I am who I am.

Day 2: Friends.  My family that I was able to choose. I still talk to a handful of friends that I met when I moved during 6th grade.  Those friends have been with me for 20 years.  In Dallas I am lucky to have a strong network of amazing people around me – all very different personalities and that’s what makes me love them so much. They have ridden through the ups and downs of life with me  and always been around when I needed them.

Day 3: Faith. While I’m far from perfect, the last year as been a personal journey for me to come to terms and develop a relationship with God.  I’m far from a bible-beating Baptist, but I will say that I receive a lot of comfort from being able to turn to God when there are problems and knowing that my life is in His hands. I understand that it might not be for everyone, but I’m beyond thankful that God loves me despite the fact that I am flawed and damaged.

Day 4: Job. No, my job is not always a cakewalk.  I often find myself cussing work, co-workers, etc. but at the end of the day I have a job that I do overall enjoy and I feel like I am working towards a greater good. I am enough to pay for my needs and honestly, 80% of my wants.  I am blessed to have a job when some many others do not and am able to support myself.

Day 5: Health.  You have no idea how blessed I feel like I am in this area.  I spent a good portion of my college years and my first couple years after college in total pain or on medications that supposedly would help me.  Granted, this story ends with my “cure” being a hysterectomy at 24 (not exactly something most people would be thankful for).  BUT…I now have a great quality of life, I can do things I wasn’t capable of before. Other than the occasional cold or illness, I’m a healthy person again.

Day 6: Whataburger.  Look, I have 30 days, you can only be really thankful for major things so many days of the week.  And let’s be honest, I’m from Texas, we actually are thankful for Whataburger. The best burgers, chicken strips that come with white gravy, taquitos, and honey chicken biscuits.  It’s my post-travel tradition to get a #1 and its a tradition that I love.  After a week or more of hotel food or fancy restaurants, sometimes all I want is a delicious burger.

Day 7: Books.  I don’t read as much as I would like, and that’s totally my fault. But books have been my escape since I was a child. My parents started reading to me when I was an infant. I would hide books under my bed and pillow so when my parents put me to bed I could read for a little longer.  Now I learn about history and it’s heroes, escape into romantic fairy tales, and solve crimes with my favorite forensic pathologist. For me reading it everything.

How would you start off your Month of Thanks? What are you most thankful for this week?