Month of Thanks: Week 2

Modern Belle Life Month of ThanksIt’s week 2 of the Month of Thanks. And yes, I realize I’m late posting – however I can say that I am late because I was busy out living life and being thankful for things rather than just being a lazy bum.

Day 8: Fixer Upper. Yes, I’m thankful for the show Fixer Upper.  That might have something to do with the fact I am sick and having this show on as a marathon makes me feel slightly better.  Plus I would nothing more than to have Joanna do my future house.



Modern Belle Life MapDay 9: Chance to travel.  While I can’t say that I am excited to leave town every time I head to the airport, I can say I do appreciate the chance I have to travel there in the U.S. and abroad. No matter what, each time I leave Dallas, I have the ability to meet someone new or learn something new.  And if that all fails to be true, at least I’m that much happier when I get home and appreciate my place even more than before.

Day 10:  Airline Status.  Because I travel so much I have status, which tends to make flying a little more enjoyable because I can choose my seat at no cost, check a couple of bags for free, and have free upgrades to use. Now, the next thing I need to do is to get rid of the credit card I have and get one that earns miles so I can start racking up some serious miles for trips I want to do.

Day 11:  Hot tea.  I’m not a fan of coffee.  I love the smell, but I hate the taste.  But I do like herbal and green teas. I’m not sure if it is the hot tea itself of the process of making tea that is so relaxing.  Putting the kettle on and hearing the bubbling of boiling water followed by the whistle when it’s ready.  Drop the infuser ball or tea bag in and let it steep for a few minutes.  Once it’s done you still have a really hot beverage so you can hold that delicious, yummy smelling tea close so it warms you up before you take that first warm sip that heats you from the inside out. Either way, it’s calming and I love it.

Day 12:  Fresh flowers.  I have made a habit of buying flowers for myself.  They rarely are expensive – usually one of the cheapest boutiques at the store when I go (can’t handle lilies and most are all roses or have smelly lilies included.  Bleh!).  Having flowers in the house makes it feel more lived in, more fresh and alive.  It is the little things sometimes.

Day 13:  Music.  I just downloaded the new album by the Josh Abbott Band and omg…the feels, all the feels. There are few mediums of art that touch me the way music does.  A well-written song evokes so much emotion that sometimes you just can’t figure out an appropriate way to respond.  At least two of those songs made me so happy and carefree while two others literally ripped my heart out.  That is powerful and I love it. Music is up there with books – I can’t go through life without it.

Day 14:  Rain  Admittedly, it can rain enough that I start to feel like I’m a walking prune and I stop liking it.  However, I love the rain.  I love that this time of the year it typically brings cooler temperatures.  I love the sound of it at night. Is there a single soul in this world that doesn’t sleep better when it rains.  I open my doors and just listen (while drinking my hot tea and reading a book) and it is so calming and relaxing. Plus rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey.  Yes I just quoted Luke Bryan, what are you going to do about it?