Month of Thanks: Week 3

Modern Belle Life Month of ThanksHoly moly, this month is flying by!  I’m going to have to start digging out the Christmas stuff before long!  But let’s not rush things.  That’s one thing I’m not thankful for in November.  Stop with the early, early Christmas retail set-ups.  I don’t want to see Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  I like to enjoy my holidays one at a time.  But let’s go back to week 3 of the month of thanks.

Day 15: Second chances.  Thankfully there have been countless people in my life who have given me a second chance.  I always try to be appreciative of the chances I am given in my life because they are putting themselves in a vulnerable position by allowing me another try.  Sometimes it is a second chance on a project, or maybe to fulfill a promise, or maybe something bigger. Either way…thank God for second chances.

Day 16:  Freedom.  I don’t agree with a lot of people on a lot of issues.  But I do appreciate that we have the right to say what we want to say…even if some of those people say stupid things (that isn’t just directed at liberals…some conservative are idiots too!).  In the day and age when being PC is becoming the way of life and a form of censorship, the First Amendment ensures that not only can I say whatever I would like, but so can the other millions of Americans.

Day 17:  Antibiotics.  Dude being sick sucks…my throat feels like it is being rubbed raw with sandpaper and then being scrubbed with rubbing alcohol, and don’t get me started on how the rest of my body feels.  While the tests for strep and the flu suck in their own right, I am SO thankful that when the strep test came back positive they were able to give me Penicillin that will kill all the nasty bacteria in my body.  Which means in 48 hours I will feel right as rain.  Or I hope that is what that means.

Day 18: Fall & Winter.  I get that not everyone is a fan of cool weather, but I love it.  Yes, there are times I am not such a fan but for the most part in Dallas, winter is tolerable.  Fall is my favorite.  The air starts to become crisp, the tall boots are zipped up, scarves draped around the necks of every girl out there.  But anything that isn’t the blistering heat of the Texas summer is happiness to me.

Day 19: Wine and Steak Dinners.  There is something truly amazing about wine and steak dinners.  Nick & Sam’s is one of the best in Dallas. Now on any night that would be a good dinner but you add one of my best girlfriends, a Cowboys sighting, and then the meal getting comped…well that’s what we call as good as it gets.  Here’s hoping I get another one sometime soon!

Day 20.  Dive Bars. Dive bars are the best.  An old friend came to visit for a night.  We had planned on going dancing, but what ended up happening was us going to grab lunch at Twisted Root.  He mentioned how much he liked the vibe of the place which made me realize that just down the street there was a bar he would like more, so we walked down to Milo’s which actually is a bit of a dive.  After a drink, he said he really liked that place.  Of course, I knew another place that would be better than that one.  We moved to Deep Ellum to Adair’s which is one of my favorites.  After Adair’s I decided we should really class it up and head over to the Double Wide.  Taxidermy hung on the wood paneling walls.  A row of toilets outside acting as seating on the patio.  Trust me it’s super classy.  Once you go to the Double Wide, you have to go to the Single Wide.  At this point, I’m a feeling good and realizing I’m going on borrowed time.  After one very quick drink, we headed to the house for the Aggie game.

Day 21: Childhood friends.  All friends are great,  but those that have been around since you were a kid…those are special friends.  They knew you back when you were awkward and going through puberty.  They stayed with you while you were growing up and changing and figuring out who were going to be as an adult.  After being friends for that long, they know all your wonderful qualities and every single flaw.  Yet, they love you anyway.  Even as wrinkles start to appear and your dark hair tries to hide the gray, time spent with those friends seems to somehow ground you in a way that almost nothing else does.

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