Naturopath: First time for everything

I decided to see a naturopath.  After going to traditional doctors who wanted nothing more than to put me on an anti-depressant or some other medication to deaden my nerves – all things I wasn’t comfortable with.

Why naturopathy?

Naturopathy the hippy medicine. I have referred to it as such. I wasn’t sold on it. I’m not sure I am sold on it now. But it is worth on chance, right? Considering what Cymbalta did to me I didn’t want to do another medication to mess with my brain and all my other systems. I knew going in this meant I would be “prescribed” a specific diet and supplements. But let’s be real, a healthy diet, maybe some weight loss isn’t the worst thing in the world.   What I will admit is I found a naturopath who is also a licensed medical doctor.  This means she does have a full medical education as well as the ability to pair her naturopathic treatments with prescriptions if necessary. 

So a 30-minute first-time appointment turned into an hour long appointment plus blood tests.  Some of it was brand new information, some not.

List of conditions to address

Based on my medical history, she felt I am estrogen dominant. Meaning something is wrong with my estrogen receptors. She told me endometriosis is common in people who are estrogen dominant. That isn’t shocking since I know estrogen feeds endometriosis. She told me that the estrogen dominance problem isn’t cured after a hysterectomy. That does shock me. See, I’ve gone without estrogen before. I’m not a nice or fun person without estrogen. I’m moody and (to be honest) a little bitchy. Plus hot flashes from Hades. So going without, not on my list of things to do.

Then I have leaky gut. This theory is what led me to consider naturopathic medicine in the first place. The effects of leaky gut might be overstated in some cases. But I do believe if your gut is out of order it is easy for the rest of your body to slip into its own version of chaos.

Then the next hurdle to overcome is a cortisol (adrenal fatigue) issue. Because of my poor sleep over the last several years, my body is putting out cortisol when I wake up in the night. It should be waiting until morning when the alarm goes off.

Last but not least, she ordered blood tests to see if my thyroid and B12 levels were okay. She said she believes there could be issues with those two items as well because of my energy level and my weight gain.

 So week 1 action plan

For the leaky gut

Follow an anti-inflammatory diet.  So no gluten, corn, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, vegetable oils, fried foods, dairy.  Also, no hormone containing meat/fish/eggs/butter/dairy.  She said no red meat, but here is the thing…I won’t give up red meat the whole time. The whole time being 4 months!! But I will reduce down to once to twice a week. I can only eat certain fruits for now: kiwi, papaya, guava, grapefruit, apple, and all types of berries. 

 Add a lot of supplements
  1. Reduce inflammation – turmeric and fish oil with EPA.
  2.   Heal the gut – probiotic and prebiotic
  3. Help with sleep – magnesium citrate
 Counterbalance Estrogen Dominance & Adrenal Fatigue

The hormone that counteracts estrogen is progesterone. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and spit into a vial and send it off to the lab to see what my current levels are. Tomorrow night I start with the progesterone supplement along with the magnesium citrate. Between these two pills, I am supposed to get better sleep. Anyone who knows me knows I am all about getting better sleep!

 This better sleep will counteract what she believes to be my last problem – adrenal fatigue. Sleeping through the night will begin to even those levels out. It should give me the boost of cortisol when I wake up in the morning (when the alarm goes off – not at 2 am when I wake up for no reason).

Now wait and see

All in all, it sounds like a good plan. It makes sense based on all the research I’ve done. Her thoughts are I should feel better in a month. Here is hoping! I’ll keep you updated!