His New Job Gift

JM recently got a new job. He was super excited about it so I wanted to get him a new job gift.  Because he is in medical sales and basically spends 99% of his time in a car, it wasn’t as easy as buying something for the office.  We all know how much I get a kick out of gift baskets.  So I tried to put together a little gift basket he could find useful.  Hopefully, it inspires you a little.

Trying to buy a man (who happens to be very particular about things) a new job gift is NOT easy.  Thankfully JM is more than just slightly obsessed with the Baylor Bears so there was my starting point.  

I needed more than that, so I started thinking. In the course of a day, what could possibly happen?  Your phone could die. You could spill something from lunch on your shirt. The onions from the burger at lunch isn’t going to help make sales.  Medical sales = doctor’s offices and hospitals  = bacteria. 

Modern Belle Life New Job Gift Baylor

I am a big fan of making gift baskets…they make me happy. This one was a lot of fun because the Baylor theme gave me a lot of room to play. The “basket” was a small lunch cooler. Likelihood of him using it ever it almost zero…but he may prove me wrong one day. The rest was Baylor themed or things I thought he might need on the road.

  • Baylor car charger $4.50
  • Baylor dress socks $10
  • Baylor mouse pad $10
  • Green hardback Moleskin journal (gotta keep the notes from all the appointments somewhere!) $16
  • Shout wipes for the unexpected messes $6
  • Lint Roller so you’re always looking sharp $3
  • Gum to hide whatever you had for lunch $2
  • Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer because sick people $2
  • Pocket Memo Notebooks because when you are networking carrying around a large notebook isn’t an option 3/$3
  • Klennex because it’s spring in Texas and everyone’s allergies are going to kill us. $2

Modern Belle Life New Job Gift Baylor

So total comes out to around $75.  But again, my favorite things about gift baskets is how you can go as big or small as you want!  And let’s be real, this little lunch cooler was STUFFED!  I could have bought less and it been just as full. 

JM was a happy man with all his stuff.  The weekend I gave him the gift, he pulled the socks out and worn them to church on Sunday.  He got a kick out of showing them off at brunch after, too. 

Guess I should take that as a compliment, right?