New Year Motto: Balance

Every year I start out with a new journal and a new year motto. In addition, I also love a good dream board, check out my last post on the 2016 board. Just a little something to bring focus to the year.  My overarching expectations and goals.  The dream board (or whatever you want to call it) prompts introspection, planning, and a refreshed sense of motivation. After pulling together my board, I try to come up with a phrase or word to sum up my goals.

So I’m calling it – 2016 is the year of balance.  I have very little balance in my life. On my one vacation this year, I spent time working – emailing and texting, thinking about the event I had coming up in just two weeks after my return. I canceled dates for work.  I canceled workouts for work.  I canceled happy hours for work. You get the point…I let work run my life.

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So this year, my motto – BALANCE.  Less working, more enjoyment.  Now I realize that I can’t just walk away from work, but I’m going to try to be more present at work and do my best to leave it there.   When I’m home, with other people, or doing something for myself, instead of letting work trump everything, I’m going to be more present and in the moment.  Maybe I’ll succeed and end up dancing the charleston on a tightrope too!

And most of all make my overall health and well-being (which includes keeping my relationships healthy) a priority.  I want to be present when with other people, or doing something for myself.  I want to stand by my commitments.  I want to make sure people in my life know they matter. I want to do the things I love because they make me happy.  I want to try new hobbies.  I want to travel to places I want to go and not places dictated by events. My bucket list keeps getting longer and I’m no closer to doing 90% of it than I was 10 years ago.

This kind of shift probably won’t be easy.  But maybe I’ll succeed and end up dancing the charleston on a tightrope too!Modern Belle Life Balance New Year Motto


Not much of a new year’s resolution I’m aware, but I try to stay away from those these days.  Too much pressure.

So tell me, what’s your motto or goal for 2016?


11 comments on “New Year Motto: Balance

  1. Dr. Seuss got it right when he said “remember that life’s a great balancing act”. I remember my boss had a reminder pop up on his computer screen 15 minutes before he was due to leave work that said something like “go home mentally”. It was a nice nudge for him to leave the stresses behind. Best of luck with your plans for 2016.

    • Dr. Seuss was a smart guy. Maybe we should have all paid more attention when we were kids 🙂 I might need to start that pop up too. I have found since I started listening to podcasts on the way home I seem to be able to separate things a little more. Listening to music allows me to passively think about it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My goal for 2016 is “A better me.” Someone told me not too long ago that I don’t spend enough time thinking about me. I laughed it off but then decided, hmm, they may be right. So 2016 is the year of Me! I’m focusing on my physical and mental health and well-being, and trying not to feel too selfish about it 🙂

    • That is a great one! I’ve been working on that one for years – obviously with balancing being my thing this year, I’m still not a master of it. Good luck with your journey! I am looking forward to following it!

  3. It’s the perfect resolution and something I’m always striving for too. I tend to go to extremes in all aspects of life but I find I’m getting a bit mellower (and hence more balanced) as I get older. Good luck with finding balance in 2016 🙂

  4. Oh, I do need some balance too! I have been working, working and more working that I have forgotten what me time is anymore? Will I commit to “balance” would be another story! Good luck with yours! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    • Following through and making sure you actively making the decisions that will allow balance is the hardest part. I am terrible about defaulting to work. Next week I leave for 4 days out of state, have 3 days home, then another 4 days out of state. But I am trying to plan now how to reconnect with people that are important to me once I get back so I don’t go hermit on everyone and start isolating myself again.

      And I’m seriously thinking about getting a maid. I don’t want to spend my time at home cleaning. Just trying to work on my inner guilt with that one.

      You can do it! I have faith!

      • Follow through- I hear you on that! I haven’t even had a chance to sit down and write down what I am planning to do.

        Yes, that’s been on my mind too — getting some domestic help. I work full time, so when I get home, all I am thinking is getting dinner and household chores and oh yes, getting distracted by social media. But I feel like I should be Superwoman and be able to do it all and have it all – Family, Work, Home & Blog but the reality is beginning to sink in. I have to have really find some balance and feel less guilty that I am just human!

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