Paris: A photo journal


There haven’t been a lot of blue skies here this week, so I had to grab a picture while I could in St. Germain des Pres.


Point du Hoc is one of the landing areas of D-day. Army Rangers scaled a steep cliff while under fire after defying the odds of making it passed the bloody water line.


This obviously does no justice to the real thing, however, the stained glass windows of Notre Dame cathedral are absolutely breathtaking


I fell in love with dahlias while in Stockholm last year. Next to peonies they are my favorite. This deep blood red is just beautiful.


French gardens are the best – they mix order and chaos, a wild nature with manmade symmetry. They are really something to see. The Eiffel Tower in the background doesn’t hurt either.


Again, I kind of love French gardens so I couldn’t miss the chance to go Luxembourg Gardens in the middle of Paris. The Greek goddess, Diana, stands watch over the garden in front of the Luxembourg Palace.


The historic Studio Harcourt. They have taken pictures for the most famous actors, singers, artists, and more since the 1930s.


When in Paris at a famous 3 Michelin Star restaurant and you run into the chef talking to your vendor, you have to ask for a photo! Chef Alleno of Ledoyen was a delight.


I have this weird obsession with chandeliers. Their profile is obviously beautiful, but I love the way they look from underneath. This is from Versailles, the birthplace of opulence.


When in Paris, a fashion show only seems right. I wish I remembered the name of the designer because he was amazing. This was one of my favorites of the evening…the skirt is gorgeous.

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