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Modern Belle Life Perfect Housewarming GiftThis weekend I attended my first housewarming party ever which yay for my friend.  Sometimes a fresh start is exactly what we all need.  I was also happy to play Susie Homemaker in the form of selecting the perfect housewarming gift.  Pinterest has a plethora of options as far as cute gifts.  But nothing seemed right.  Eventually, I found a listing of traditional housewarming gifts to bless a new home.  Obviously, this is the only way for me to go.

Modern Belle Life Housewarming Gift So the thing I loved the most was each item represents a different blessing.   Bread so you may never go hungry.  Wine so you will never be thirsty.  On and on…a list is included below.  And why only give people one blessing?  Why not a whole basket?  The best part for me is that other than one item it was one stop shop at one of my favorite  stores – WORLD MARKET!!  Woohoo!

So first and foremost, can we talk about this darling basket?  I’m not going to lie I’m tempted to go buy a couple just to keep for future gifts.   Thank you upcoming Easter for making basket shopping a breeze!  The basket came as a set, complete with natural straw filling and a kraft brown gift tag.

For the cloth, I chose to use dishtowels.  Not exactly the easiest thing to pick out considering you never know how someone will decorate their place, but it isn’t like you can’t hide them away until really needed.  One of them was the perfect size to line the basket.  Good thing too!  Because the straw filling got everywhere!

Once I bought a French baguette at Central Market.  After realizing that the paper bag was NOT going with the look I wanted, I pulled one of the dishtowels from the back and wrapped the loaf in the towel. It looked SO cute! I am a little disappointed I didn’t have a complete picture but shit happens.

Modern Belle Life Housewarming GiftsI settled on bread, wine, olive oil, salt, candles, honey, and cloth.  The great thing about putting together your own basket, you can choose your price point.

For reference, you can buy all these items online except the wine.

Wire Farmhouse Basket – $7.99

Honey – $2.99

Olive Oil – $6.74

Salt – $5.99

Candles – $3.99

Set of 3 Dishtowels – $9.74

Wine -Pick a bottle & price point that works for you. I happen to love this wine.

Bread $0.99 from Central Market.

If you that’s a little much there are ways to cut cost.  If you actually plan ahead you can do some price shopping.  In addition, instead of giving 3 towels, you could buy several towels that you like and only use one or two for your gift basket.  I literally did the shopping for this in 15 minutes the morning of the party.  While there is always the option to create tags for each item, I felt that would clutter the look of the basket.  So instead, I used a blank card and wrote a short note and included “Blessings for your new home…” with the list of items and meanings for them in the card.

So there you have it, the perfect housewarming gift.  It looks pretty, makes it look like you thought it out, and apparently is a little impressive judging by the response I got when we arrived. And you know how much I love to get compliments…even if it is on my gift giving skills. 🙂

What the best housewarming gift you received?

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  1. What a lovely, thoughtful idea! The Englishman and I have just bought our first home, so I don’t have any housewarming gift tales to share. However, I do also have a friend who’s just starting to buy a home as well, and I may steal this great idea to give her a housewarming gift. I swear, you have some of the best ideas.

    • Congrats on the house!!

      Thank you. I love all the traditional gift ideas and finding cute ways to present it all. I’m sure you’ll find a great gift for your friend.

  2. What a thoughtful gift. I love the sentiments behind each of the items in the basket, and can see why it was so warmly recieved.
    Thanks for sharing with us, Tracey xx #abitofeverything

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