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If you aren’t already aware, I’ve declared August as the “Month of Me” where I give you more information about myself and my favorite things!

We all have days that are hard and sometimes we just need a little pick me up.  I’m sharing my favorite quotes to inspire you but with a little added sass, because isn’t that what all Modern Belles really need?

Modern Belle Life Trust the Process Quotes

Modern Belle Life dazzle them with brilliance Quotes

Modern Belle Life Add Lipstick and Attack Quotes

Modern Belle Life Got them by the balls Quotes

Modern Belle Life Fake it until you make it Quotes

Modern Belle Life Pour yourself a drink Quotes



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8 comments on “Quotes to Inspire

  1. I loved the very first post “Trust the Process” . Sometimes I find this so hard to do, especially as a blogger. I can have moments of doubt when I think I’ll never achieve my goals and then I have to remember to do exactly that “have patience” and “trust the process”. If I work hard good things will come.

    Angela from http://www.daysinbed.com

    • Thanks for stopping by Angela! I agree it’s a great quote to keep things in perspective. A friend gave me a gift with this quote and it now is in my office so I can be reminded every day to just trust.

    • Thanks for checking them out Luke. Maybe there is something more manly you can substitute in instead of lipstick 🙂

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