I’ve decided to do a little rebrand for Modern Belle Life but making her a little more modern. This is because so much has changed in my own life that I’ve gone through my own rebrand of sorts. 

Check out this rebrand

Modern Belle Life Rebrand Board

Looks different, right? Cleaner & fresher. Hope you like!

As I mentioned life has changed a bit over the last year.  Last we talked I mentioned I was working on a new project. That project and life have been what has kept me from writing as much.

My project

So the project was starting my own business. And I am happy to say, Ten Times Over has been born and is doing well. My baby uses all of my experience in targeted donor giving to help other companies give to their clients’ gifts that make the maximum impact.I have learned so much and have had the best time working with my amazing clients.

The Diagnosis

The same month Ten Times Over launched, I started seeing doctors for persistent pain in my back and hips. I started off at a spine doctor who told me it was hip bursitis referring pain in my back.   I received a steroid shot which ended up producing more pain than it cured. I then saw a series of other doctors and specialists. I had MRIs done.  Each appointment ended with the same message, “I cannot see any reason you are having the type or amount of pain you are having.”  During this time my pain began to spread and become more intense. I was finally referred to a rheumatologist.  After reviewing my MRIs & blood work, talking about symptoms, and a physical exam, I finally had an answer – fibromyalgia. 

Life, Love, and Work

In addition, I have another niece who is absolutely precious. J has hung in with my crazy for over a year! Insane, right? I can’t even begin to understand why he stays sometimes. Who am I kidding? He is the lucky one! 😉 At my 8-5, I have received a promotion and now managing a team.  I never thought that would be easy but damn…sometimes I crave a day where I don’t have to meet or talk to anyone 🙂

The rush of starting a company and the lack of energy and pain-free days meant scaling back. But now I’m prioritizing a little bit more.  Doctors insist I have to do things that I enjoy, things that are relaxing. So I have a patio garden, I like my blogging and have missed it, I love to read, cook, and more. The things that do not require all of my physical energy and that help me mentally and emotional recharge. In addition to my normal posts, I’m going to share my FM journey. Hopefully, something I post will help someone else.