Relationship checklist



Anyone that has ever dated has had a “relationship checklist” – something that describes their perfect person.  For some this list contains a laundry list of physical attributes, for others it means a particular bank account balance (Dallas Uptown girls – I’m looking at you), some want a particular level of education or personality traits.   I’m not here to judge what is right or wrong on those lists.

But what happens when you met someone that somehow seems to check off most of the items off the list?  I admittedly am not a easy egg to crack.  I tend to look for some of the most ridiculous reasons in the world to end things because…well, commitment is scary.  So I have made it my mission to stop sabotaging relationships or at least potential relationships.

So there is a guy…yeah I know 90% of the time there is a guy around. While he and I haven’t been on a ton of dates but when you look at my checklist it’s kind of scary how many points he marks off.  Now I’m not saying that after 3 dates we are on our way to marriage…or heck even an exclusive relationship, but it’s interesting to see how we match up.

We’ve had some uncomfortable conversations – including my whole “I’m sterile” talk.  Yeah that’s a super awkward conversation.  Maybe someday I’ll tell that story here so you have context for that one because I can see how that would be really weird if you don’t know my story.  But even with the awkward conversations, he has rolled with the punches and responded perfectly.

So yeah, he has checked off a lot of the list – which for my Type A, planner personality is happiness.  But we’ll have to see what happens, 3 dates is nothing especially when I have to balance that against my travel and work schedule for the next 3 months.

So what is/was on your dating checklist?  Anything I should think about adding?