5 things I learned in Stockholm

Stockholm is one of my favorite places I’ve traveled.  Because it was spared damage from the world wars, many of it’s buildings are original. Gamla Stan is “Old Town” and some of the cobblestone alleys date back to the 13th century…and for a history freak that is awesome!

  1. 15333696012_c810900466_oPride can sink ships.  Okay so maybe it wasn’t really pride itself that sunk the Vasa, but King Gustav II Adolf didn’t help the situation when he said to the shipmaker, “I want this trip the same width but twice as high with two cannon decks.”  So…gravity once again proved it reigns supreme (despite what any king says) and decided the ship was too top heavy while it was windy.  Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down…turns out ships do. In the 1950s the ship was found, eventually brought to the surface and is now in the Museet Vasa. 
  2. Outdoor markets are the best. You can find food, drink, flowers, and crafts.  Stockholm 15148659540_84687ace27_ohad these beautiful markets everywhere and they were so much fun to walk through.  I know we have farmers markets but they aren’t daily.  These markets are set up daily or at least a few days a week (not only over the weekend) in the middle of the city and people go to these instead of going to the grocery store. Some of the markets are even right outside of the grocery store!  If you are in another country go to the market!
  3. There are taxis that are licensed and those that are not…the difference is in the price!  You should always check when you go to a new city to see what their taxis are like – your hotel should be able to guide you easily. In Stockholm they suggested we use one of three companies and said to be very careful as some of the bad cabs had logos that looked almost identical to the ones they suggested.  Their prices are on the window or car as well.  For more information you can visit Stockholm’s Taxi page.
  4. Hello & thank you.  Again you should know how to say hello and thank you when you travel to a city.  Hello in Sweden is “Hej” pronounced “hey”.  Thank you is pronounced “tack”.
  5. 14478256980_03c34dfc18_oMillesgarden is amazing.  It’s the former house of Carl and Olga Milles and it has copies of many of his sculptures.  The property is waterfront near one of the major ports.  The sculptures are beautiful and hearing the stories about their meanings were really wonderful.  Inside the studio are some of the clays and models of his sculptures.  The home features drawings that are absolutely stunning.  Apparently Mrs. Olga was a very talented artist in her own right.  My favorite part however are the gardens – flowers were everywhere and they were stunning. I can’t tell you how many flowers photos I have!

After Thailand, Japan, Stockholm and Paris – Stockholm has held firm as my favorite international 15147084520_0ddca8bf15_olocation.  Friendly yet stoic people, an amazing clean city with parks, waterways, and centuries of history make it a must visit location.