The Scent of a Woman

I recently had a trip to Paris.  The French believe that every woman should have a signature scent…most of these are passed down through the family, generations of women all wearing Dior, Chanel or maybe a lesser known French brand.

The thing about perfume is that it can be an investment.  All good things are worth investments however some of us dream of champagne while limited to a beer budget.  My champagne taste lead me to fall in love with Byredo’s Bal d’Afrique which you can find at Barney’s New York with a price tag worthy of the luxury store.

Enter Sephora’s Fragrance IQ which I’m super excited to share with you. Fragrance IQ allows you to enter your favorite scent and suggests other perfumes that have a similar chemical makeup.  On Saturday after a couple glasses of vino with a friend, I ventured into Sephora to try this magical program.  I approached the screen thinking I would be lucky if it knew what Byredo was.  It immediately suggested a list of 15 perfumes & colognes.  I sampled a few on my own and finally broke down and went for the personal attention of the wonderful lady in the perfume area.  I told her what I was looking for and she suggested two additional delicious scents.

So best part of this wonderful shopping experience?  There was no pressure to buy AND I left with THREE samples!  Now I can see how the fragrances react with my personal chemistry and stand up to the test of a long day.  I will definitely go back to make my purchase once I settle on my favorite.

In case you are interested in which scents I decided to sample, please realize that I personally like clean but woody smells. Cedar and sandalwood for some reason react really well on my skin and don’t end up smelling like a forest or a man…which of course is nice.  That being said, 2 of the 3 were in the men’s section and other was in the unisex section. But why should gender labels keep us from indulging in our favorite things?

By the way, I am not being paid anything for any of these product mentions. If that ever happens, I’ll be honest. I just want to share my cool find!


Tom Ford’s  Black Orchid $75      Replica Jazz Club $125        Burberry Touch for Men $60