Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Festival -101

Most people have a bucket list that is made up of things to see more than things to do. One of the items on my list was the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  The Tidal Basin in D.C. is surrounded by cherry trees that bloom and create a beautiful white cloud of flowers surrounding the basin & frame the Jefferson Memorial.

There are easy cheats you can do to make seeing this amazing event a lot easier.

  1. Look at the Cherry Blossom Festival website or the National Park Service website to get the anticipated peak bloom dates.
  2. Go on a week day.  Obviously the locals will mostly be at work and there aren’t as many tourists during the week.
  3. Use alternative Metro stops -Farragut West, Foggy Bottom are on the Silver, Blue, Orange, the Farragut North is off the Red line. Arlington is on the Blue line, you can walk the bridge over.  Yes there will be more walking involved but you will not have to fight the crowds on the train and in the stations.  To me, who hates crowds, it’s totally worth it.
  4. At the Tidal Basin, you will not find an area where you can see no one around the trees for pictures.  But I did find that the West side had more space than the East side.  Because of that it was easier to walk through.
  5. Now the gold mine HINT!!  Walk along West Basin & Independence towards the Lincoln Memorial.  If you walk that way there are some trees that are set separate from the rest of the craziness.  Here is where you will get a chance to get a picture without a huge crowd in the frame.  Can’t say it’s guaranteed, but there were only a few families in those areas as we passed by.
  6. Now you’ve spent the morning or early afternoon at the festival and you are starving I’m sure.  If you walk toward George Washington University (again, to avoid the massive crowds at the Federal Triangle, Metro Center, & Smithsonian stops), you can grab a great lunch at Tonic. I had the Tonic burger and chips. It was great.  There are two patios, one is larger and off the road, then there is a street side patio that reminds me of cafes in Paris.  That is where we sat and I honestly am glad.  Because the university is around the corner, there is a lot of foot traffic which means people watching!  If you eat a Tonic you can easily walk to Farragut West (5 minute walk), Farragut North (10-15 minute walk), or Foggy Bottom (5 minutes).

Now let’s get to the good part – pictures!

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I hope this (A) inspires you to get to festival (B) helps you plan the trip. Have great time!