What does my purse say about me?

While out for drinks at my corner bar I was asked for a ponytail holder.  Obliging my friendly bartender, I begin to rummage through my purse.  After 2 seconds I decide it would be easier to simply empty the contents of my purse until I found the elusive hair tie.  Not until I realized my drinking buddy had a perplexed look on his face did I realize how random my purse contents probably seem to people.  It made me wonder, “What does my purse say about me?”  So let’s review the evidence…

Item 1 – the purse

KlutchSo I am a fan of clutches.  I usually keep all my must-haves (like drivers license, cash, debit cards, etc.) in my clutch which doubles as a wallet.  However, after getting this awesome clutch as a birthday present it’s become my go-to bag.  It adds a chic pop of color to any outfit which always gives me a little pep in my step.

And what Southern girl doesn’t like a monogram to personalize her things.  In this case, with my favorite color!  You know purple is the color of power, nobility, and pride (total Leo girl, right?).

This clutch comes from Klutch Handbags (one of my besties happens to be the owner and designer!  She has tons of other amazing bags that are absolutely perfect for anything from a football game to a night in Vegas even your own wedding (check out the Pearl Collection…it’s to die for!).

Now we need to get into the guts of the purse because well, that’s when the weird looks started.

Contents1. iPhone.  Every girl has to keep up with her texting, Facebook, tweeting, and we can’t forget to Instagram that beautiful sunset from earlier right?

2. MAC lip pencils. Stays put longer than lipgloss but isn’t as smudgy as lipstick.  Plus it takes up no room…why didn’t I start this earlier?!

3. Klennex. Because you never know when you will need to straighten your pencil line or clean up your eye liner.

4. Pens.  Note that I have nothing to write on, but I have not one but two writing utensils…I can’t tell you why.  Maybe because I usually am out when I have moments of brilliance and those places usually have a cocktail napkin I can scribble on.

The next section is what I like to call “Be Prepared” 🙂

5. Koozie.  You never know when life is going to hand you a cold beer and what a shame it would be to not have a koozie to keep your drink frosty and your hands warm.

6. Pocketknife.  Something that started out of necessity with working events evolved into a daily habit. Have you noticed that a lot of men carry these things? There’s a reason, it’s because you can do almost anything with them. Obviously they will cut and slice, but you can also use the blade as a screwdriver, the handle as a hammer (as long as you won’t mess up your handle – I’m not responsible for any damage that may occur).  AND according to this video you can use it to open a wine bottle.  Honestly opening bottles is enough reason alone for me.

Sooo…what does this say about me?  Well according to drinking partner the other night it makes me look bi-polar. :Now, I personally would say let’s look at the silver lining on this issue and see if we can come up with a positive spin.  Which, of course, I did. Bi-polar I am not.  However, no one can ever say I’m simple….I’m complex.  I keep you guessing (at least until you know me then I become quite predictable in my quirks).

Thanks to my girl friend, my purse is the perfect mix of trendy and traditional – a fun print but with a cute monogram showing off my fun-loving but traditional personality. The contents…well I’m low-maintenance, to-the-point, and I’m ready for just about anything.  Schedule a last minute happy hour date – add some lip color.  Someone gives me a cold beer – hello koozie!  Snack time and I want apple slices – pocket knife to the rescue!

So I learned:
1 – pocketknives open wine bottles – is another lesson actually needed at that point? Okay fine, you want another lesson…
2 – Realize that even the contents of your purse can be a conversation starter.
3 – It’s only crazy if you can’t explain it.

Tell me, what’s in purse?  What does it say about you?

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6 comments on “What does my purse say about me?

    • It’s worth a thought. Doing an inventory of it made me realize that I really don’t need to carry the giant purses that I used to carry. Anything more than those items is just extra weight.

    • Do an inventory…seriously. The larger my purse the more I find I carry. Smaller purse takes away the temptation to carry a ton of extra stuff that I really don’t need.

  1. Loved this post! And I like your clutch purse and its content do say you are pretty handy, versatile and interesting! Alas for me, I would never be able to carry a clutch purse. I would feel naked without my rubbish.

    • Definitely different that what a lot of people I know carry 🙂 I like my clutches because they keep me from hording which is a big problem for me! Thanks for stopping by!

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