Yoga Rocks: 5 reasons to try it now

Modern Belle Life Yoga RocksYoga rocks.  Seriously…it is greatness.  I tried it for a month on a Groupon about 3 years ago and fell in love.  But at the time, my wallet couldn’t handle a month of practice and I was about to be out of town for 2 weeks so I stopped. So when I was trying to figure out what I was going to do to start taking care of myself, came up with 5 reasons to give it another go.

1. Yoga rocks for your body.  It stretches, strengths, tightens, and tones.  There aren’t that many types of exercise that can do all those things in a short amount of time.  90% of my day I am sitting – I sit in the car, I sit at my desk, I sit during meetings, I get home and sit on the couch. That’s a lot of sitting. My body is screaming for some stretching.  Tonight I did a stretch that made my hip flexors scream…but in a good way (THANK GOODNESS for sticky mats – had my foot or knee moved at all I would have been in a bad way). Vinyasa yoga flows from position to position some relaxing, but a lot of them can be really challenging, engaging muscles and making you really strengthen and tone your muscles.

2. Yoga rocks to release tension. I am not a fan of myself on video, however, I am tempted to do a quick video to show off what the instructor had us do in the first 5 minutes of class tonight. We used a yoga block to massage the neck and shoulders and holy moly! It was amazing! I love anything that releases all the pent up tension in my body that collects and stews and ends up bringing my shoulders up around my ears and causing migraines.

3. Yoga rocks for the mind. I am an overthinker. It is a true blessing there isn’t a real thought bubble above my head telling all my thoughts…it would (probably bore everyone to death) but also never stop the endless scrolling of text trying to keep up with my stream of consciousness. Yoga is about being present – nothing thinking about anything other than putting your body in the right position and holding it, managing your breath correctly, and listening to your body’s feedback on where to release tension. That quieting of the mind is so valuable to me.

4. Yoga rocks for the spirit. I’m not a hippy…not even close. But I do think that yoga is good for your spirit. Everyone comes into a studio with a positive mind and instructors give encouragement to focus on that positivity and a spirit of love for yourself, others in the room and the world at large. In a world that is rushed and not always very “lovey”, being in an environment that is so encouraging and nurturing is a wonderful recharge for the spirit and calms the frazzled nerves.

5. Yoga rocks as being a motivator. When you start doing anything healthy, it makes you want to be healthy in other areas of your life. Taking in good energy during class makes you want to avoid negativity. Taking care of your body through a yoga practice makes you want to give your body healthy fuel in food and drink. Calming your mind gives you the opportunity to refocus during the day and stop the cycle of anxiety.  It motivates you to a healthier life in so many areas.

Have you tried yoga? Would you be interested in short 1-2 minute videos showing a pose or trick I learned that could help stretch or release some tension?

5 comments on “Yoga Rocks: 5 reasons to try it now

  1. I LOVE yoga! In addition to the flexibility, relaxation, and stretching benefits, it also has become a way to bond with my 3 year old. I do yoga every Friday in my living room, and my daughter is always right there beside me. She knows the names of simple poses (upward and downward dog, chair, prayer), and she’s more than proud to show them off to friends and family.. We look forward to our half hour yoga sessions each week. #Anythinggoes

  2. I love yoga. Never done a class but I use lots of different videos on YouTube. It is so relaxing and the only exercise that I have found shows results in a really short space of time. I love the relaxation aspect of it to, just spending half an hour a day concentrating on nothing g other than breathing and stretching is so relaxing xx #anythinggoes

    • Thanks for stopping by Wendy! I agree. Just quieting the mind and focusing on one thing really is helpful. Looking forward to catching you at #anythinggoes!

  3. I absolutely love yoga and yes, yoga totally rocks! I try to do a short session at least a couple of times as week and I’d be really interested to see what position relieves all that neck and shoulder tension… #AnythingGoes

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