You have snail mail!

Does anyone else ever wonder why they even have a mailbox?  I go to mine and get a couple of bills, maybe a magazine if I’m lucky, and then the circulars and junk mail. You know what makes people happy? Real mail. Honest to goodness piece of mail from someone that proves someone was thinking of them.

Which has lead me to the decision that I’m investing in stationary.  Yes, I’m only in my 30s.  No, these are not thank you cards or even gifted stationary featuring the name change as a result of a wedding.  (This seems to be the only reason anyone has stationary anymore – they get married and people think they need paper with the couple’s last name on it.)  I just want a signature look for my stationary so when people see it in their mailbox they immediately smile and know it’s me.

Do you know how hard it is to decide what your signature stationary is going to be?  There are so many choices!  Plain or patterned? What pattern – floral, graphic, stripes?  What color is the paper? What color is the ink?  Should it feature my initial or my name – first and/or last? So many questions.

After a lot of research, these are my favorites so far.  What do you think?

stationary4Simple and chic.  Not only can you choose your print color but also your paper type and decide between rounded and squared edges. 25 flat cards with white envelopes for $35.00 by LoahDesigns.  UPDATE & BONUS! Loah saw the post and has offered 10% off orders when you use the promo code “MANYTHANKS10”.  Place your orders before the offer expires!

Stationary3Okay I’m seriously in love with this one…mostly because it is signed”XOXO” at the bottom.  (Yes, I’m the girl that still signs her letters with X’s and O’s.)  As a note you can also select between “Hello” and “Thanks” at the top.  The options for the bottom are “XOXO” and “Truly”…but clearly XOXO is the only real option!  10 cards with envelopes for $20 by DapperPrintsShop. The more you order the less each card costs.


This is my off the rack option.  The neutral, textured champagne background with the pearl strands is perfect for every day notes & letters but nice enough for a thoughtful thank you. 10 cards with shimmery envelopes $9.00 at PaperSource.


This one literally shines!  What is better than a gilded “hello”?  Paper options are white, mint, yellow and peach and there are different backing options. Depending on the paper and backing options prices will vary.  25 cards with envelopes start at $65.00 from Erin Deegan on

Now don’t these make you want to buy pretty paper, a fancy pen, and some stamps so you can reconnect with family and friends?