Zen of Shooting

Settle into your stance, adjust your grip, slow your breathing, let the sites blur and the target come into focus, squeeze the trigger, let it surprise you.  That’s the zen of shooting.

Shooting is like yoga.  Yeah, I just compared shooting a gun to the ancient practice of yoga. The thing is that yoga requires you to focus simply on the practice.  You concentrate on the proper alignment, breath with the movement, focus on the flow & clear your mind of everything else. Does that sound familiar at all?

By no means am I a champ yet…in fact I’m still really new at this particular hobby and while sometimes I get frustrated when I can’t seem to hit the mark exact or my grouping gets too big…I enjoy the calm that the practice brings me.

I am a control freak who is a chronic over thinker.  Having a hobby that requires my mind to slow down and focus on one particular task is calming.  After a day at work when I’m being pulled in a thousand directions, its nice to push budgets, color schemes, menu selections and video & photo production needs out for an hour.  My inner control freak also loves it.  I’m in control – it won’t fire without me pulling the trigger, it will fire in the direction I point the pistol. I’m in control of that experience in a way that I’m not always in control of things at work and in my personal life.

If you are looking for a form of meditation without taking to the mat, I suggest hitting the range.  Most ranges have intro classes that will teach you basic gun safety & introduce you to different caliber of guns and allow you to test fire the pistols (maybe revolvers too).  I highly recommend this for anyone who doesn’t have experience with guns.  Everyone, even experienced shooters, need gun safety reminders at times.  It may not be your thing but then again, maybe you’ll find that amazing feeling of calm that you’ve been looking for.